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  • 14.08.14

    What does it feel like to ‘stim’ in public?

        Jade Shaw in an actor who turned up to the film shoot yesterday knowing the film was about ‘stimming’, she had never heard of it before and didn’t realise she was going to have to ‘stim’ in a...

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  • 09.08.14

    8 therapy ideas for your child with autism

    As a parent whose son has autism I am not committed to one therapy or way of teaching a child with autism. I believe we can provide the best support by trying different approaches and mixing them all together to...

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  • 02.08.14

    Autism Awareness in Holywell

      Alex’s event in Holywell was planned because we wanted to make two films that would be available for a pay per view download. This would enable Alex to reach more people with his message and help Alex to earn...

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  • 11.07.14

    Does being autistic mean you lack empathy?

    It has been said for many years that those with autism lack or simply don’t have the ability to empathize with those around them. However, many people who are on the autistic spectrum say that they do experience empathy, maybe...

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  • 28.06.14

    Why bother with autism awareness?

    People are always doing events like “Holly”s Ball” and “Autisms got talents” roadshow Yorkshire Pudding is running the” Autism Art Exhibition“. We are running an Autim Awareness event on the 29th July. Why do we keep doing this because autism...

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  • 17.05.14

    People with mental health issues are dying in police and prison custody?

    It is estimated that half of those who die in police custody have a mental health issue. Acording to the Ministry of Justice there were 74 death that were self inflicted in 2013. Individuals are detained by police under the 1993...

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  • 09.05.14

    Is the Church autism friendly?

    Alex and I meet a lot of people who are on the autism spectrum or who have autism themselves. This means we are in touch with a variety of people from all different backgrounds. One theme that keeps coming up...

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  • 19.03.14

    Through My Eyes… The Short Film

    “This story, based on a real life account and experience of a girl with Autistic Spectrum Disorder during her time at High School, aims to give an insight into the often elusive condition and many of its social and educational...

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Organisations Alex has worked with

  • Autism Cymru
  • Chester University
  • Glyndwr University
  • National Autistic Society
  • St John's Ambulance
  • Welsh Government

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