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(APRIL FOOLS DAY JOKE!!!) 5 things all autistic people can’t do

Written on 1st Apr 2016 by Alex Lowery

People often like to emphasise on everything that people with autism can’t do. Here is a list of the top 5 things that every single autistic person is unable to do. Note… Please make sure you read till the end before commenting.

Autistic people are basically like Cyber-men from Doctor Who.

Autistic people are basically like Cyber-men from Doctor Who.

1. Socialise – It is a well-known fact that everybody with autism is unable to Socialise. People with autism like to be left alone. Autistic people cannot interact with their peers at all. This is a skill that a person with autism will never, ever be able to learn.

2. Empathy – People with autism have no empathy for other people. They are 100% incapable of empathising with anyone, and this is true for every single person with autism out there. They will never, ever be able to have empathy for other people. It is a fact that people with autism only care about themselves.

3. Emotions – Autistic people are basically like Cyber-men from Doctor Who. They have no emotions whatsoever. They are not capable of love or hate. They are 100% unemotional.

4. Independence – Autistic people are unable to live independently. This applies to everyone with autism!

5. Work. Autistic people are unable to get jobs. It’s plain and simple that if you’re autistic, you cannot be a functioning member of society.

Those are just 5 of the many, many things those with autism can’t do or be. There are many, many more. The truth is that all autistic people are exactly the same. If you’ve met one person with autism, you already know what every other person with autism is going to be like. Autistic people are essentially clones of each other  They’re all the same!!!

Screen shot 2017-03-24 at 16.28.06APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!! If you hadn’t already figured it out, this whole list was an April fools joke! I was taking the mick. The five things at the top are not facts… At all!! They are myths. You often hear about all the things people with autism supposedly ‘can’t do’, but the truth is that it’s all big pile of baloney. The truth is that people with autism are so individual. No two people with the condition are the same. There are many different levels and many different types of autism. I think Dr. Luke Beardon puts it best when he says that there is only one way of finishing the “Autistic people can’t” sentence and for it to be applicable to all autistic people and that is, “Autistic people can’t not be autistic”. I kid you not… It is virtually impossible to come up with another way of finishing that sentence and for it to apply to all autistic people. Despite what people say, autistic people often do have strong empathy in their own way; it just tends to be a different type of empathy. It is most certainly false that autistic people don’t have emotions. If anything, on the inside autistics may actually be more emotional than neurotypicals. A lot of the time, the emotions just don’t show. There are also autistic people who have gone on to lead successful lives and independent lives, so it’s also false to assume that one can’t function in society when you have autism. Autistic people can also learn certain social skills; despite the difficulty they’ll likely have with them. I hope you enjoyed this article and found it interesting.

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7 thoughts on “(APRIL FOOLS DAY JOKE!!!) 5 things all autistic people can’t do

  1. elaine says:

    Love this sadly some people will read the top bit nod their head and say I knew it. My daughter is very emapthetic, has great social skills and I know she will have an independant life as she is very resilient

  2. Heather says:

    April Fools! Good one. You had me saying what? No? Say what? What the what? You got me!!!!!

  3. April says:

    I see what you did there…. appealing to the sarcasm us NT’s use so much of!! I’m a therapist who works with several individuals on the autism spectrum. Thanks for sharing your perspective throughout this website!!

  4. clara says:

    omg that was so mean like wtf not a even a joke this is so offensive

    • Alex Lowery says:

      Read the artilce till the end & you’ll realise it was an April Fools joke, & not meant to be taken seriously. It was taking the mick out of some of the stereotypical myths of autism.

      • Amy says:

        Ha! I was reading this thinking how angry it made me. There, an emotion! Funny joke, although I’m reading it in February so I didn’t see it coming.

        • Alex Lowery says:

          Perhaps I’ll add “April Fools joke” in the title every time of the year exept for when it’s April. Just to avoid this from happening.

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