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  • 29.09.18

    10 barriers autistic children face in infant school

    Here are 10 barriers along with suggestions for reasonable adjustments. A number of children are being excluded form school and are missing out on their education. The Equality Act 2010 places responsibility on schools to make reasonable adjustments for learners who have...

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  • 24.05.17

    Ellie a female character who is on the Autistic Spectrum


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  • 03.09.16

    Does Sickness affect autistic people?

    I have been feeling sick with a Cold, Asthma flair-up and Chest Infection for about two weeks now. I’m just starting to recover (at least I think and hope I am). Anyway, I’m not blogging today, so I can get...

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  • 05.08.16

    5 myths about autism and socialising

    Alex is now working on his new book about autism and co-occuring conditions. The first chapter he wrote is about socialising. I have found this chapter really interesting and have decided to write down 5 commonly believed myths. The use of the...

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  • 12.04.16

    Moving from childhood to adulthood as an autistic person

    As I moved from childhood services to adulthood I became very afraid.  Why? I was afraid of failing as an adult. I did not feel ready. All my anxiety got worse. I thought I would not keep on making progress....

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  • 28.03.16

    What does autism acceptance really look like?

      April is autism awareness month, however many are saying awareness isn’t enough they are calling for autism acceptance. What does this mean and what does is look like. 1. Acceptance means to receive someone into your community. 2. It means accepting someone without...

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  • 24.03.16

    Routes to autistic homelessness and routes away by Jules Akers

    Today we have an article by Jules Akers on the subject of ‘routes to autistic homelessness and routes away’. I hope you enjoy reading it. I met Jules Ackers at the ESRC seminar New Directions in Autism Research Cardiff. Jules...

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  • 16.02.16

    The Ambitious Autistic: Episode 1 – The Dread of the Phone

    I’m hoping to enroll on a filmmaking/photography course at University. However, there are many barriers for me to do this. I’m creating a new video series titled ‘The Ambitious Autistic’ about the whole process. This is the first episode of...

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Organisations Alex has worked with

  • Autism Cymru
  • Chester University
  • Glyndwr University
  • National Autistic Society
  • St John's Ambulance
  • Welsh Government

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