Alex Lowery speaks about autism

Early years

Alex was diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition at four years of age.

He had slow development and delayed speech. He spoke in his own language but had echolalia which he used in certain contexts. He found the world a terrifying place and was very anxious. He found clothes and labels painful and normal noises and lights were perceived such a way that they were scary to him.

Alex with his mum

Alex with his mum

Alex struggled to cope with social situations; his mum had to stop taking him to the toddler group because he found it very stressful. He became scared of public places like shops and churches and certain sounds would send him into terror. He often hurt himself as he would scream, “I want my head off.”

Alex remembers all these experiences in pictures yet he is now able to share how the world felt to him when he was younger.





You read about Alex’s early years in his book.

Organisations Alex has worked with

  • Autism Cymru
  • Chester University
  • Glyndwr University
  • National Autistic Society
  • St John's Ambulance
  • Welsh Government

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