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Moving from childhood to adulthood as an autistic person

Written on 12th Apr 2016 by Alex Lowery

As I moved from childhood services to adulthood I became very afraid. 


I was afraid of failing as an adult. I did not feel ready. All my anxiety got worse. I thought I would not keep on making progress. I thought that I would not get a job.

Only 15 autistic people in a 100 have a job.

Only 25 in a 100 autistic young people go to college after school.

Social Services have three teams. Autistic people often don’t fit into any of them.

  • Physical Disabilities
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Mental Illness


Social Services assessed my IQ, it was over 70. This meant that I did not qualify for support. Even though the social workers who interviewed me said that I had problems. The decision to give me support was based on my IQ. This made me a lot more anxious.

Please share to stop this from happening to others.


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