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‘Young Girl in Blue’ by Damian Sawyer

Written on 23rd Dec 2016 by Alex Lowery

Today we have a Poem by Damian Sawyer, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome this year at the age of 44.  The Poem is about a Painting from the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff. It’s a Painting of a girl wearing a blue dress. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for permission to share an image of the Painting with you on this blog, but you can view the Painting on Pinterest here. I hope you enjoy the Poem.

Photo of Damian Sawyer

by Damian Sawyer

by Damian Sawyer






She is unfinished,

as are we all;

more than she was at the start

and less than what she might become,

but she is frozen

in the moment of becoming,

as we all are

while life endures


She is ‘in blue’

and her eyes mirror that,

the artist as anachronist,

prescient of what blue

would one day be;

that slight and lingering


full of beauty

of her not-quite tears.


Her hair is spectral,

barely daring to add a hint of red,

nebulous as passing time,

as if she were at once

the youthful maiden,

the hairless babe

and the aged widow,

whose dwindling silver threads

tie together her years.


Always see the woman first,

the colour sometime after,

for there is no such thing as blue until it dwells within.


[inspired by “Young Girl in Blue” by Renoir]




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