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You have to be prepared for the unpredictable – quote from Alex Lowery

Written on 12th Dec 2017 by Alex Lowery

As a person on the autistic spectrum; I often feel like I am living in a world that I don’t understand full of unpredictability. I often find that when I’ve got a set plan in my head, or I believe or I’ve been told something will go a certain way, but then something unexpected happens that changes what I thought would happen: this causes an extreme amount of stress and anxiety. I find that I really don’t like unpredictability. This is why I’ve learned that if I want to have as ‘stress free’ life as possible: I have to be prepared for the unpredictable. I have to try to ‘foresee’ potential other outcomes and prepare for them, even when I’m pretty sure the alternative outcome won’t happen. The truth is that life is extremely unpredictable and many of us on the spectrum can struggle to cope with this if we’re not prepared.

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