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The X-Men & Autism connection

Written on 8th Jul 2019 by Alex Lowery

I have watched many of the X-Men films and I have noticed for quite a while that there are similarities between the X-Men universe and the autistic community. For those of you that don’t know, X-Men is about people who are born with unique powers and they’re called mutants.  

One big similarity between the X-Men and the autism community is how the mutants feel they don’t fit into society because of how they’re different from humans. And the humans also tend not to fully accept them either. 

In the third X-Men film, they find a cure to make the mutants into humans. Many of the mutants refused to take the cure because they saw the powers as being part of who they are and not something that needs changing. This reminds me a lot of the way autistic people are with the idea of a cure. Many people on the spectrum don’t feel they need a cure because they see autism as something to accept and embrace because it’s a part of them.

There are also characters like Magneto, the main villain of the franchise. He has this view that humans and mutants cannot possibly live in peace so he wishes for all of humanity to die off and for only mutants to remain. I’ve heard some autistic people also say how they think the world would be a better place if everyone was autistic. I myself don’t agree on this at all but I do find Magneto’s methods to be almost an exaggerated version of this view point. 

I remember when I was Stimming once, I imagined I was in a world like the X-Men but with autism & there was an autistic person (like Magneto) who wanted to eliminate neurotypicals and I was like Charles Xavier who didn’t believe this was the right choice. 

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this article. 


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