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‘Why I write and what it does for me’ by Esther Lowery

Written on 1st Feb 2017 by Sylvia Lowery


I write because it lets me explore. It lets me create new characters and new worlds and play with them. It lets me learn about new things, encourages me to research things that I might not normally look into. It makes me more aware of the world around me, it means that I’m constantly looking for inspiration.

I write because it makes me feel happy when nothing else can. It lets me fully explore myself. It’s sometimes painful and difficult, but I find that’s when I get the most benefit. When I pour myself and my emotions out onto the page and I can suddenly understand why I felt like that and what exactly I was feeling.

I tell stories, stories that are important. Maybe not to anyone else, but they’re important to me, maybe because in a way they are me. I get to tell a story that explores what I think is important. In a way, I think writing helps me understand. Not just myself, but other people too. Why they act the way they do, why someone might do or say something.

Sometimes it makes me laugh. I have a really strange sense of humour and I might write a scene that makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. Nobody else might find it especially funny, but I do and even if I never share it with anyone because it’s not actually very good, I like doing it. It’s like having an inside joke with my characters, nobody else will really understand but I do and they do.

I love getting to the heart of things, sometimes having to make my stories go very, very dark so that the heart of the story shines brighter.

Also I get to make my own world and then mess around, which is just plain fun.

Esther is onto her third year of an Ba Hon English Literature (Creative Writing Pathway) degree.

She is also a Square Peg Participant. You can read Esther’s blog here ‘The Evil Pink Fluffy Unicorn’

Esther is also a My Voice Volunteer for Ambitious About Autism.  She has also taken part in a Fixers project to raise awarenes of people with a hidden disability.

Esther says

‘Hi, I’m Esther and I’m a writer. I enjoy hot chocolate, reading and hiding away from human contact. I’m basically a hermit. At the moment, I have several novels on the go, but my main one is The Gatekeeper Chronicles: The Shadows at Arras. I write posts for my blog with no consistency whatsoever. I also like to pretend I’m smart, when I’m really not.
I am both a Marvel fan and also a DC fan, but admittedly I enjoy DC a lot more. So there. I also enjoy Lord of the Rings and anything by Sarah J. Maas. I tend to go for quite dark books and I tend to write quite dark books, so everything works out well.
I also fail at social media, so if you’re hoping I’ll actually do anything other than occasionally blog then you will be sorely disappointed.’


One thought on “‘Why I write and what it does for me’ by Esther Lowery

  1. This is awesome. Writing is a vehicle to communicate information. I write for pleasure. It’s impossible for me to imagine the world without the dimension of the imagination. The purpose of writing is to stop us all from going insane from the boring, the unjust and downright horrific parts of our life.

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