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The Daily Journal Of Arabella Crumblestone by Sharon King

Written on 29th Jul 2015 by Sylvia Lowery


51tzvAkjO6L._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_It has been a pleasure to read this lovely book. Arabella is fairy type creature who lives in a stone wall. She makes friends with a human child who has a brother George whose behaviour would sit well on the autistic spectrum. Arabella shares her life through a daily journal.

Sharon King is a skilled story teller who leaves you wanting to know more. You find yourself transported to her world and you identify with Arabella. This is a lovely story for children and will also introduce those children to autism in an accepting and beautiful way. The reader is shown acceptance of difference rather than told to accept difference. I loved the innocent world that is inhabited by Arabella who nearly died trying to live in a dolls house and only began to recover when she returned to her outside wall. In a small way I wonder if Arabella is like Alex who recently realized that his anxiety is made worse when he worked too hard at hiding his autism. Perhaps Arabella going back to living in the wall is like someone with autism accepting who they are and letting the autism come out. Arabella’s friend Faith had to adapt to Arabella’s needs and accept that if her friend was to be healthy she had to live in a way that seemed strange and uncomfortable.

Sharon’s daughter Rosie King illustrated the book with beautiful unique line drawings. Rosie is also on the autism spectrum and she diagnosed her self at nine years of age. You can learn more about Rosie here. Rosie is an inspirational young woman who helps to care for her two younger siblings.

Sharon’s book can be bought here. Sharon is also bringing out a new book called ‘The Unfinished Stories’ which can be pre-ordered here.


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