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10 tips for mums whose children have additional Needs

Written on 7th Nov 2016 by Sylvia Lowery



Sylvia is mum to five children, she is keen to use her experience to help others who are starting out on this autism journey.

1. Unconditional love- a secure loving home is the foundation for any child.



2. Don’t worry about what people think- yes having children with additional needs will make you stand out. Keep your energy for your children; don’t waste emotional resources on being upset by the comments of others who don’t understand.



3. Accept imperfection- yes life is not perfect you will make mistakes. Remember no family is perfect.




4. Learn to live by the moment- don’t allow yourself to worry about the future the work and worries of the day are enough.


5. Look for the pleasures in life- be thankful for each small step.



6. Streamline your life- learn to say no. OK I fail at this one, but I do try. And it is good advice even though to quote Alice in Wonderland, ‘I give myself very good advice but I very seldom follow it.’


7. Ask for help don’t be afraid to admit you are struggling. OK this is something else I often fail at, but when I do I am blessed because people are often willing to help. I think maybe I am often too proud to tell people I am struggling. Which is a failing in me.




8. Always believe the impossible is possible. I am good at this. I always believe the impossible is possible and tend to plough on with high hopes. It keeps me positive and tends to make for a happy positive, productive life.



9. Find what your children are good at and do all you can to encourage their gifts.



10. Find your own gifts and talents, keep on learning and growing as a person. This is the best way to help your children to become the best they can and it will help you to be strong. You will be the best example of how to live for your children.



4 thoughts on “10 tips for mums whose children have additional Needs

  1. donna says:

    Good advise there. I have found that parent with special needs children find more difficult to ask a help are family’s without. The thing to remember is that it will be difficult at times but people will want to help. Family and friend may not offer help, they may think you, would be embarrassed to ask. If any one offer to help let them.

  2. bette little says:

    I have a grandson with Autism who I thank God every day for him. I try to live by these rules. Sometimes it is hard but the good out ways the bad. The joy in having him as my grandson is like no other!

  3. patricia says:

    How can I get my 2 year old with autism potty trained? I am having a real hard time

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