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Muddy trousers

Written on 2nd Jan 2014 by Alex Lowery

I live by a lot of rules, one of my rules is to have clean clothes for two days, unless they get really dirty or something on the first day, in which case I’ll put fresh clothes on for the next day. Last week I went for a walk to Loggerheads with my family. I then went out to a meeting at Church in the evening. However, my trousers were very muddy. My mum noticed my trousers at the meeting and told me about it later. Here is a photo of the trousers. i just didn’t really think about it. I tended to think that if they get muddy during the day, then I might as well continue wearing them until the day’s over.

The trousers were very muddy but I don't see why I need to change them just because they are dirty.

The trousers were very muddy but I don’t see why I need to change them just because they are dirty.

Loggerheads was very muddy.

Loggerheads was very muddy.

2 thoughts on “Muddy trousers

  1. Donna says:

    What did you think when your mum told you after the meeting? Would you of felt any different if she had told you in church? do you think anyone else in church noticed? Sorry for all the questions. Just curious.

    • Alex Lowery says:

      My initial reaction to being told was, “Does a few marks of mud matter?” I’m not sure if I’d have felt any different if she’d have said it in church, but I’m guessing not much. I maybe would have thought about it less in church, because my mind may be more on other things, but that’s a guess. I don’t know if anyone noticed or not, but my mum seems to think people would have.

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