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More with the thermomix

Written on 17th Oct 2014 by Alex Lowery

I’ve stated using the thermomix more. I made American pancakes on it, as well as the recipes that I’m meant to do for my demonstrations. I have been making one recipe at a time and will build up to more. One of my difficulties is multitasking, I find it hard to remember everything. I had a go the soup that I had to make as well as the Broccoli/cauliflower in white sauce that I had to make. I also made some bread rolls that I have to make as part of my demonstration too. Overall, I am slowly getting used to it. However, I have a few bad habits which I need to overcome such as getting distracted when waiting for food to cook, going off and my mum finishing things for me and forgetting certain things that you’re supposed to do like clean the tables before you start, get the ingredients out before starting, and everything else. So far, I have needed support with these things, but it’s a work in progress. I also found that I hated handling the sticky dough and dry flour when it came to making bread. I just found all the dough pretty gross to tell you the truth. This is something, which I’m going to have to work on and get used to. I really want to succeed with this thermomix, so I’m going to have to put up with handling sticky dough. If you want a Thermomix demonstration my mum will come with me to make sure I do everything right for you. The Thermomix also gives you step by step instructions, telling you each thing you need to at a time, and even lets you know when you’ve got the right amount of ingredients in it. You can see a picture of the screen with one of the instructions in the pictures below.

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2 thoughts on “More with the thermomix

  1. Donna says:

    It sound like a great way of helping independence.

  2. Donna says:

    well I had a demo. no Friday I was amazed how well the Thermomix would help with independence, the little amount of washing up afterwards. I would recommend to anyone who cooks to have a demonstration. you will be impressed..

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