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Everyone has an inner voice – quote from Carly Fleischmann

Written on 9th Aug 2017 by Alex Lowery

Carly Fleischmann is a non-verbal autistic woman. For years people thought she had no understanding whatsoever. They would talk in front of her as if she wasn’t there. One day she learned to communicate through typing and completely shocked everyone with her intelligence. She began to express herself and explain what it’s like to be autistic. It goes to show you how you really cannot tell how much understanding a non-verbal autistic may have. I had a language delay as a young child. I didn’t speak until I was about 5 or 6. I thought I was speaking like everybody else, but no one seemed to understand me. This lead to a lot of extreme behaviors. You can read a quote from Carly Fleischmann below. Below the quote, you can watch a video, which demonstrates how she sees the world. I’d highly recommend watching the video! I can relate to it, given how I saw the world as a young child.

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