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Written on 17th Dec 2018 by Sylvia Lowery

The Autism Spectrum Disorder, popularly known as ASD of Autism, is a fettle that normally has wide ranging symptoms for individuals. The challenges which faces an individual diagnosed with autism are; difficulties in social interaction, communication, and also in the behaviours. 

But people should be aware that this is not the case for everybody and that they are individuals challenged with autism that are able to enjoy their life peacefully, beyond their diagnosis. 


A certain woodworker named Gregory Chabolla is a great example to many individuals diagnosed with this symptom. 

In the year 1998, when Gregory Chabolla at age 3 was diagnosed with a form of autism named Pervasive Development Disorder. It was very difficult at that period for both him and his mother. They were both battling with the society, in academics and also everything that brings along with it together. 

His mother also testified that Specialists said that at that period that Gregory would not speak, and do other certain things a normal person should be able to do. But with the love and support he had from his family, he preceded what most of the specialists had presumed.

Gregory Chabolla became a huge success in his woodworking business when he encountered a certain woodworker named Pasty Williams who introduced him to the business. 

Gregory so much had interest in the business and was later taught by Pasty. They all began in working on little items before they eventually branched out to more difficult cuts and designs. In addition, Gregory began to turn the full interest to a full career. 

Gregory woodworking business grew online and in the city, especially in his official website and facebook account where individuals have easy access to him. his woodwork products now range from entangled designs on crosses and special designs on Texas Mesquite to pieces on distinctive types of wood. 


He is currently active in combining art shows and festivals and consistently invites people to link up with him and notice his work. 

Apart from the natural talent he possesses in creating something special as a woodworker, his social interaction with his purchasers and family through his woodwork business, totally gives him happiness in his life. 

Indeed, it’s a true life story and Gregory Chabolla life and woodworking career is a story that should inspire thousands of individuals. In spite of his condition, he was able to discover his passion and made use of it well enough which includes the benefits of income, sense of pride and lastly, fulfilment. 

In order of making huge success in woodworking business, then you need to have a focused mind and take the necessary steps that will enable you to stay safe while working on pieces, even if it’s a power tool. 

In conclusion, what we can learn as an individual or a person from this story is that woodworking has become a means for people to live their lives fully despite the different challenges you might face in life. 

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