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  • 09.01.17

    We are not all Sheldon Cooper

    Today I’m blogging about the portrayal of autism in film and TV. I’ll be looking at an autism stereotype that the media often likes to portray. I hope you enjoy! It does seem like we’re still in the age of...

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  • 01.11.16

    All in a flap

    I recently wrote an article for the ‘Special Educational Needs’ (SEN) magazine. I wrote the article on the subject of Stimming. You can view the link to the article that’s on their site here. I also did a Fixers project on Stimming in...

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  • 20.11.15


    “A funny inspiring film about a young man with Asperger’s Syndrome and the impact his Autism has on his workplace and colleagues. Set in a small office in Birmingham this film documents the positive impact Asperger’s Syndrome brought into everyone’s...

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  • 12.08.15

    The Leader – News from Wrexham & Flintshire – Disabled teen from Holywell aiming to become an author

      The Leader – News from Wrexham & Flintshire – Disabled teen from Holywell aiming to become an author....

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  • 01.04.15

    Top 11 quotes from fiction for World Autism Awareness Day

    What would Gandalf, Superman, Spiderman and Wallace say if they wanted to raise awareness of autism. Here are some fun quotes to brighten your day. 1. Gandalf the Grey – ” All we have to decide is what to do with...

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  • 13.08.14

    ITV Film on ‘stimming’

    Alex has spent the day making a film about stimming. It has been an exhausting day but Alex really enjoyed it.We woke up at 7 and got up ready for everyone to come. At 8.45 everyone arrived. A camera crewe...

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  • 20.05.14

    The Untold Story of a Successful Asperger’s “Geek”

    Here’s an interesting video, which goes into the possibility of a famous Puppet Master having Aspergers Syndrome. I used to love the Puppet shows that this man created, so for me this is an interesting thought....

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  • 08.02.14

    The Myth that everyone with autism is a savant

    I asked for requests for blog articles. I asked my followers on Facebook and twitter for requests. One of my requests (from someone with the twitter name Warrior Wolf) was to blog about the stereo-typical idea that everybody with autism...

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Organisations Alex has worked with

  • Autism Cymru
  • Chester University
  • Glyndwr University
  • National Autistic Society
  • St John's Ambulance
  • Welsh Government

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