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Adam – film poster review

Written on 10th Sep 2018 by Alex Lowery

As some of you will know: I just started College last week. I am studying media. As homework I was asked to review a film poster and I decided to review the poster for a film a man with Asperger Syndrome called Adam.

This image is Fair Used for the purpose of review. Adam is the property of Fox Searchlight Pictures.

The title of the film is ‘Adam’. I will start by saying that even though we know it’s about an aspie: there is no specification in the poster of the film being about that. However, there are clear hints as to the kind of film it is just from looking at the poster alone… For one thing it says, “A story about two strangers; one a little stranger than the other”. This is a very catchy description that might well grab a person’s attention even if they know nothing about autism. It highly suggests that one of the characters is more eccentric than the other. I am aware that some people believe the terminology of the word ‘stranger’ to be offensive. I personally disagree though since strange quite simply means unique and the autistic person likely would the more unique out of the two of them. It is also a catchy description that will grab the viewer’s interest.

You can also be under the impression (even if you just saw the poster and had no other idea what the film was about) that the male character is the one that’s more eccentric. For one thing: he is the titled character (or so one would assume) and it seems likely that the titled character would be the protagonist and most likely the more interesting out of the two main characters. The more eccentric a character is: the more interesting they are in my opinion. Even the way the male is looking suggests he may be the ‘more unique one’. She’s looking at him like she’s making conversation, but his eyes are looking down and avoiding eye contact, which is a very classic autistic characteristic. He also looks more ‘in thought’ than her.

Her whole expression implies that she’s much more sociable than he is. I feel like if someone is experienced in Aspergers or autism: they may well read the description and pay attention to the way each character is looking. This may well give them the impression it’s a film about a man on the autistic spectrum even just by looking at the poster alone.

If you pay attention to the appearance of the two characters: that also suggests certain things. For example: her hair is very tidy and her clothes (I think) are fashionable. His hair is scruffy and his jumper looks like an old man’s jumper. This implies that the woman cares a lot more about her appearance (and what’s fashionable) than the man does. A lot of autistic people (by no means all) may well find that they dress however they feel comfortable; weather it’s fashionable or not.

Now, I can’t really completely review the film myself because I started watching years ago, but I got really bored because romantic comedies really aren’t my cup of tea. However, I would love to know what your thoughts on the film are if you’ve seen it so please let me know in the comments. JHow well do you think portrays autism?

Read my further thoughts on the poster (on other angles) below.

By paying attention to the setting: we can definitely believe that it’s a film set in today’s world. They’re both wearing modern clothes. We can also get an idea of the genre even just by looking at the picture. The tone of the picture isn’t dark or creepy so we can assume it’s not horror and there’s nothing to suggest that it’s an action film either. You can definitely tell that the film is (most likely) of romantic genre the whole way that there is a man and a woman sitting on the stone steps.

I feel like the use of Photography in the poster is also quite beautiful. It doesn’t have the characters right in the centre of the frame because that would be boring. It’s shot on an angle where you can see the full steps, the building door and even some of a tree. This adds a pretty environment and atmosphere to the poster.




One thought on “Adam – film poster review

  1. donna says:

    Your discription of the poster is very clear of how you see it. I didn’t remember watching the film. Might give it a go somtime.

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