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11 tips on teaching a concept of time

Written on 18th Jun 2015 by Sylvia Lowery

Teaching a concept of time is an important skill. Here are some ways in which I taught Alex about time. Consistency is really important these activities work best if done on a daily basis.Photos 4 website & more 267


1. Picture schedule with a clock next to it. Point out the clock.

2. Time activities.

3. Divide the day into sections, breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, tea time, evening activity, supper, bed time. Use colour coding.

4. Use a visual timer. A large sand timer could be helpful.

5. Set alarms to give a concept of time. A mobile phone or ipad timer could be used.

6. Use a visual calendar every day to help with dates and months.

7. Fill in a calendar.

8. Learn the days of the week, months of the year. This can be done with songs.

9. Count a whole minute.

10. Cook cakes and other food and use a timer with  buzzer for the cooking.

11. Make a book of the child’s life in pictures using photographs link this to a timeline that has events in the child’s life. Alex loved his life in pictures book and he still looks at it even now.



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