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12 tips for raising children

Written on 9th Oct 2015 by Sylvia Lowery



This is not a to do list or a set amount of advice. It based on my personal experience of raising and home educating five children who each had their own needs and special way of interacting with the world. Like every other person who has lived on this earth.

1. Every child is different. They are more different than a diagnosis. You can’t just look at a checklist and know what to do. Each child and situation needs their own response.

2. A routine with clear boundaries helps all children so long as you know when to break the rules. We wrote the Lowery rules together after discussion and agreement. Children have a natural sense of right and wrong particularly children on the autism spectrum.

3. There is no right way to parent. Our parenting style has changed over the years.

4. If your child is upset or bad tempered. Check if they are hungry, tired or ill. Regular meal times lead to happier children.

5. Teach manners and what is expected don’t wait until they don’t do something or do something wrong and then tell them off.

6. Give praise that is meaningful. Say how and why you like the picture they have drawn. If they have been really kind to their little sister tell them they have and why it is so nice for you to see them behaving in such a kind way.

7. Washing, if you have a largish family wash each persons clothes once a week at a set time. Make sure these clothes are folded and put away before they get mixed up with someone else clothes. Once your children are old enough teach them to do their own washing.

8. Have a chore schedule and let each family member do a job up to their ability. Take time to teach how to do the chores and be patient. This gives a young person with autism the living skills they need in a natural way.

9. If it sounds too good to be true it normally is. Don’t be taken in by miracle cures.

10. Good enough is ok don’t beat yourself up because you are not a perfect parent.

11. Pray for wisdom.

12. Have fun together.














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