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  • 19.02.15

    Should we teach children with autism to play?

    Throughout Alex’s childhood I along with his teachers and therapists put a lot of effort into attempting to teach Alex to play. If I am really honest I don’t think these approaches were ever successful. The problem just went away...

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  • 12.02.15

    The myths of autism by Dr. Luke Beardon

    Yesterday, I spoke at a Conference run by ‘Autism Networks’. I saw a talk by Dr Luke Beardon who is a well known expert on the subject of autism. He mainly spoke about the myths of ASC, and I thought...

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  • 09.02.15

    Is ‘autistic’ the new insult?

    Over recent times I have become aware of a growing trend. Stating someone is autistic seems to be a new way of suggesting they shouldn”t be listened to are in some way less human. The first example that springs to...

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  • 08.12.14

    Asperger’s Awareness video

    As many of you know, I did a project on Stimming with Fixers. Today I found another project with Fixers about autism, written by Adam Young (the man who wrote Social Guide to Stimming video). This project is about bring awareness...

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  • 17.10.14

    Alex’s films are available to buy

    We paid film makers to make 2 professional films of Alex’s talks these films are available to buy at a very reasonable cost. Each DVD will cost £12 for families and £50 for organisations postage will be included in the...

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  • 08.10.14

    Mayor to launch independent living exhibition in Wrexham

    Roadshow will throw its doors open to the public from 11am on Saturday, November 22. The Roadshow is sponsored by carretailer Wrexham Volkswagen and will be formally opened by the Mayor of Wrexham Cllr Alan Edwards. Admission and parking are...

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  • 14.08.14

    What does it feel like to ‘stim’ in public?

        Jade Shaw in an actor who turned up to the film shoot yesterday knowing the film was about ‘stimming’, she had never heard of it before and didn’t realise she was going to have to ‘stim’ in a...

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  • 16.06.14

    Why are so many adults with autism experiencing abuse?

    The National Autistic Society released shocking statistics this week 41% of autistic adults often feel lonely; 36% don’t leave the house most days; 44% stay at home because they fear abuse or harassment; and 49% report being abused by someone...

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Organisations Alex has worked with

  • Autism Cymru
  • Chester University
  • Glyndwr University
  • National Autistic Society
  • St John's Ambulance
  • Welsh Government

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