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A filmstrip of my life as a person with autism

Alex is a young man who has a passion for sharing his experiences with autism and, in this book, leads readers through the ‘filmstrip’ of his life. Beginning from his earliest memories of autism, when he found the world a terrifying place, Alex recounts how intensive ABA therapy, as well as support from his family and friends, has helped him become the person he is today. His story provides a unique insight into the struggles which autistic people often face and offers hope and encouragement to others affected by ASC. Today, Alex works as a public speaker raising awareness about autism. He is also a Youth Patron for Ambitious About Autism and, in June 2014, was given an Outstanding Personal Achievement Award for his work in the community.

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Book Review

Alex’s book outlines his detailed recollections of his life so far from his earliest memories at the age of 3 right up to the age of 19. His memories are acute and he can give virtual word for word, action by action descriptions of the whole of his life. This, he explains in the book, is one of his special skills that adds meaning to events that have happened every day as he enjoys retreating to a quiet place to run through the day in film-like sequences. What makes his story come alive is his analysis of what he was feeling and how others around him have responded. This is a heightened level of awareness of self and others that is supposed to be missing in the autism spectrum but Alex uses his sensitivity to share some poignant moments as well as sources of humour. One gets to know and appreciate the others in his life as he is growing up, his supportive and insightful family who make it possible for Alex to develop his Christian faith, buy up quantities  of plasticine and are constantly assisting and bank rolling him in developing his undoubted skills in still and motion photography. His awareness of his difference to the others he comes into contact with is a gradual self realisation, as is his diagnosis of Autism and he writes truthfully of how acutely he feels those differences from time to time. Through his writing we meet his therapists and appreciate the ways in which they helped and encouraged Alex’s learning. We also marvel at the pillar of support of Aunty Annette who has guided and helped him through so much. Alex’s book is a sensitive and insightful journey through the life of a young man who has not just come to terms with his limitations but has exploited his varied interests and skills to make a very fulfilled life. It is also testament to the vital people who have supported him on his journey so far and I recommend it heartily to young people with ASC and their supporters. Lynn Plimley, writer, researcher and trainer in ASC

Organisations Alex has worked with

  • Autism Cymru
  • Chester University
  • Glyndwr University
  • National Autistic Society
  • St John's Ambulance
  • Welsh Government

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