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Motherhood – Labels

Written on 15th Dec 2016 by Sylvia Lowery
Image by Alice Lowery

Image by Alice Lowery

Motherhood – Labels

I oftimes sit and cogitate

In moments of reflection

During an oasis of repose

About the labels others give us

Caused by a ‘Refrigerator Mother’

Oh she’s a ‘Pushy Mother’

Or eye roll ‘Helicopter Mother’

Consider labels we give ourselves

I’m an ‘Autism mum’

Call me a ‘Warrior mum’

I say I’m ‘Velvet bulldozer’

What meaning does this bestow?

Are we really to be defined?

By terms around motherhood?

Around our battles, our struggles

Our firmness of purpose

I think not, no Indeed I don’t

To be defined by those battles

The struggles foisted upon us

by our Circumpolar situation

Sorrowful weeping has given way

To a firmness of purpose

To keep going when all strength has flown

When trust in the system has been extinguished

By broken promises and exhausted effort

We are rather to be defined as human

As a member of this broken wounded race

Whose whole being is motivated by love

Love is the only label needed

By Sylvia Lowery


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