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Getting started with the Thermonix

Written on 8th Oct 2014 by Alex Lowery

One thing to know about me is that I can cook very little. I can only cook some basic foods like sausages and microwave meals. Some of the difficulties I have when it comes to thinking ahead, multy-tasking and many other things make general cooking rather difficult for me. However, not long ago I found out about a machine called the ‘Thermomix‘. This machine is fantastic!It will cook food for you, and tell you each thing you need to put in & tell you when you’ve reached the right amount, etc. It’s great for someone who doesn’t cook much. The other day I had a go at making meat-balls with it. They worked out well. I’m still getting used to the machine at the moment. I do hope to become a Thermomix advisor when I’ve got used to it.

I’ve already taken the food hygiene course and a health and safety course. I passed both these course’s. However, I found them really exhausting and my mum had to read a lot of the information to me and explain what the language meant. I feel these courses should be written in simpler language which would make it easier for someone like me to study them. I don’t think it has anything to do with being able to act in a safe way with food. I think it would be good to run courses for autistic people that use simpler language and explain things in a real way that makes sense.

I am starting my training tomorrow to learn how to demonstrate the Thermomix. I need a lot of support to do this and my mum has been working with me and will go along to all the training days so that I can have help taking in the information. I went to an introductory evening last week and I felt like my head was exploding with all the information the lady gave. I just couldn’t think but how stressful it all was, I couldn’t take in the information and my mum had to explain everything to me the next day.

My Thermomix will be at this event in Wrexham if you would like to see it. I will be there for some of the day however I am doing a speech on that day. My mum will be there with the Thermomix when I am not there.






2 thoughts on “Getting started with the Thermonix

  1. Hi Alex — It was great to read about your introduction to Thermomix! I hope you will spend the time to learn and enjoy using it. This machine is quite forgiving and has helped many people around the world to become better cooks. I’ll keep watching your blog to see how things go. Remember, there is a huge and supportive Thermomix community online if you have any questions 🙂 Happy mixing, from Canada!

  2. Alex, what a fantastic post, I loved reading it. I think the new Thermomix TM5 could be a fantastic tool for people who struggle with cooking, and I am sure you’re going to be a real champion in demonstrating it. I know there are all kinds of people who would really benefit from guided cooking, and I look forwards to there being more recipe chips available with tasty, healthy meals that people who find this useful for can cook for themselves and their families.

    I know that once you’ve had a go at doing a few demonstrations you will soon be happy and confident doing them, as though you’d done them your whole life, and I’m sure your friends and family will be happy for you to practice on them, and eat all the delicious food you cook!

    Good luck with everything, and I wish you all the best!

    Andrea x

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