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Alex’s therapy

Alex attended a special school until he was seven. After this, the Local Authority agreed to support Alex in a home based ABA programme.

This programme involved therapists working with Alex each day, Monday to Friday, from 8.45 to 4.30. Alex had a programme manager and a consultant from Autism Partnership, John McEachin. He would consult on Alex’s programme four times a year. Alex flourished under this intensive ABA therapy and was helped in many areas of his life. After three or four years Alex’s ABA support was finished but he was given support for home education by his local authority. This enabled Alex’s parents to tailor the support and provide help for Alex’s individual needs. Alex shares his feelings about ABA therapy here.


Help was sought from a Verbal Behaviour Consultant for a further couple of years. It was then decided that Alex had received as much help as possible from this area of expertise. Alex’s mum was always looking for further ways to help Alex improved. She heard of the Learning Breakthrough Programme which uses balancing board exercises to help to connect both sides of the brain. Alex followed this programme for two years and made significant improvements in spelling, writing and reading. He also felt this programme helped him to think more clearly and to focus better. This Alex followed a programme called Audiblox. This programme is based upon the idea of brain training and Alex felt this helped him further.

Alex has also received a lot of help from ‘life coaches’ who have helped him to socialise and learn everyday skills such as shopping and bus skills. He is still receiving this help at the moment although the help is due to finish in July 2013. Alex has been involved with the Riding for the Disabled organisation since he was six. He is a member of their vaulting team and has learnt a lot from his involvement with this wonderful organisation. Alex also attended St. John’s Ambulance with his life coach and was able to achieve the Grand Prior award. It would be difficult to pinpoint a specific therapy that has helped Alex rather it has been a combination of therapies coupled with a flexible home based teaching programme that has been tailored to Alex’s current needs.

Alex’s book has now been published.

Organisations Alex has worked with

  • Autism Cymru
  • Chester University
  • Glyndwr University
  • National Autistic Society
  • St John's Ambulance
  • Welsh Government

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