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10 ways in which people have helped my work as an autistic speaker, trainer and advocate

Written on 15th Jul 2017 by Alex Lowery

I sometimes struggle to keep going with my all my work, but the support and comments I receive from all those who book me and follow  me on social media help me to keep going. I feel that without your support I couldn’t carry on. Thank you everyone, together we can make a difference for autistics.


Here are 10 ways in which you are part of my work as an autistic speaker, trainer and advocate.

1. Knowing I have 1,769 followers of my Facebook page is such a big help, you are all extremely supportive and knowing that I have helped makes me feel like my efforts have paid off. Your comments on my Facebook page helps me to think more deeply around subjects around autism. This helps me to improve.

2. Every person who comes to hear me give a talk helps enable me to keep my business going, this gives me a purpose in life. Without this I believe my mental health would be much worse.

3. Thanks to my MP Mr. David Hanson,  and AM Mr. Mark Isherwood and other Politicians who have met with me to listen to my story and support me in changing society for autistics.

4. When you send me positive feedback after a talk I am inspired to write new talks and put on more events. This helps me to increase understanding for autistics.Comments that you make about how I have helped inspire young autistics fills me with such happiness. To know that I have helped a young person to accepts who they are means so much. Here is an example of a comment that means so much.

Well my son is reading your book and we have just picked his options in school, to my shock he has picked health and social care because he wants to work with people with autism. He said,” If Alex Lowery can do it so can I!”. He has had a piece of work given to him in school twice in which he had to write about someone he looks up to and he’s never done the work on both occasions (which he got in trouble for). He has just said to me, “Now I have someone, I look up to Alex Lowery”. He loves your book.’  Veronica Jane Hardwick 

5. People who buy my book or pass it on help me to get my story to those who it may help. It means so much when someone says they have passed my book onto the whole family, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and friends. Thank you for working with me to get the message out there. Thank you to ASD digest, Autkids, John Clements, Autism Eye, SEN Magazine, The Mighty and other bloggers who have asked me to write articles.

6. Thanks to ITV news, Fixers and BBC for using me in TV programmes.

7. I have gained a lot of support through my role as a Youth Patron with Ambitious About Autism. I feel like I have been given fantastic opportunities and training and have met other autistics like me.

8. Organisations like Kim 4 Him, Create a Smile and Autism Together have supported my projects like the autism employment conference and the Geeks United  social group. Autism Cymru who mentored me in public speaking.

9. My family have been very supportive and I wouldn’t be where I am without them. My mum has helped me a lot. Auntie Shirley is my biggest supporter. A special thanks to Suzie who has built my website and give so much support with designing my logo and posters. Thanks to Margaret Carter of The Patchwork Traditional Food Company who mentored me.

10. Fellow autistics particularly Dean Beadle who mentored me in public speaking and is always supportive. Many others have written guest posts and it’s great that as a community we support one another.


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