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A certificate of attendance and number of hours along with a summary of content can be provided for each member of staff that attends Alex’s training. This needs to be agreed in advance. 

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Alex is autistic, diagnosed at four. As a child Alex found the world a horrifying place. He had heightened senses and a language of his own that very few people could understand. As he moved into his teens he found living life harder than everyone else. This was extremely difficult for him to accept. For years he was terrified of people finding out he had autism. Yet in truth most people could tell he had something.

Alex spent a lot of his early teens in a very anxious state. His attempts at being cool and funny like his peers always ended in failure. This caused Alex to feel depressed and withdrawn. Alex’s attitude towards autism began to change when he learnt about adults with autism who lead successful lives. He learned that there are advantages to having autism. Thinking positively about autism helped Alex cope with having the condition.

Alex having a climb in Cardiff Castle after attending a meeting at the Senedd  to launch a campaign for an Autism Act in Wales.

Alex having a climb in Cardiff Castle after attending a meeting at the Senedd to launch a campaign for an Autism Act in Wales.

Nowadays, Alex is a positive role model who has learnt how to succeed despite the difficulties. He knows what it is to be an autistic teen with all the struggles. This training will help professional to have a better understanding of the young person with autism. Alex uses his experience to provide real world training.

 We are able to tailor this to your requirements and if you have a particular topic in mind just let us know. Here are some prepared talks that are also available. If you want Alex to combine different subject just get in touch.

1. Autism and anxiety – Alex shares his own experience of anxiety from his early memories when as a child he found the world a terrifying place right up to today where he talks about his own battle with obsessive anxious thoughts.

2. Autism and sensory issues – This talk is about the way sensory issues have affected Alex all through his life. He talks about the early childhood years where clothes were painful right through to how certain noises can still be painful to him.

3. Autism Awareness Training – This talk is a good introduction to staff and carers. Alex has given this talk to college tutors and staff, childminders, social workers, teachers and support workers. Alex can tailor this talk to your particular requirements.

4. Growing up with autism– This talk is aimed at young people who have autism themselves. Alex shares his teen personal experience of always feeling different and wanting to know why and eventually finding out he had autism. This is a positive talk that will help young people who have autism to not feel ashamed of who they are.

5. Autism and me – In this talk Alex gives a humorous introduction to autism and shares some of the ways his life is affected by autism.

6. Autism and medical experiences – Alex gave this talk to a Doctor’s surgery. He shares some of his medical experiences and how medical staff can help individuals who are on the spectrum.

7. Hopes for the future – Alex talks about the things he wants out of life and some of the obstacles that can get in the way.

8.  Autism and adulthood – This is a good Autism Awareness Training Session, Alex talks about the help he needs to succeed as an adult with autism.

9. Alex’s Testimony – Alex couldn’t believe in God when he was younger because it’s hard for someone with autism to believe something you can’t see. Alex explains how this changed and how he came to understand the concept of God and forgiveness in his life.

10. Experiences of School - Alex talks about his memories of going to a Special School for two years, and can also talk a bit about being homeschooled.

11. Using social media to raise awareness 

12. Autism and employment - A positive look at ways in which individuals with autism can make a positive contribution to the work place.

13. The myths about autism – Using humour and banter Alex challenges some of the most common myths of autism while sharing his real personal experience of living with the condition.

14. 12 things to know about NT’s (non autistic people) Please see here

15. Autism and stimming – Alex shares his experience of stimming from an early age. He answers a lot of questions like  why he stims, what he is thinking when he stims? Should stimming be stopped or controlled? Is stimmimg a sign of distress?

16. Autism and Obsessions - Alex talks about special interests, he shares how he feels they have helped him to become who he is today. Alex talks about why he became obsessed with the colour blue as a young child and why narrow interests helped him to cope with a frightening confusing world. This talk is not to be missed.

17. Autism awareness training - Alex and Sylvia are available to provide autism awareness training. This can be in either half or full days and will be an interactive workshops that will enable attendees to consolidate what they have learnt.

18. Autism, ABA and family life – Sylvia shares her personal experience of ABA.

19. ‘My journey with Autism’  A Mum’s experience  - Sylvia shares her own experience of Alex’s early years, diagnosis and coming to terms with it.

20. My Childhood with autism – This is a talk about Alex’s childhood, back in the days when he found the world a horrifying place. He also talks about the therapy he received.

Training Workshops

Here are some examples of workshops that have been provided for organisations. Get in touch or telephone 01352 719285 to discuss your requirements.


Planning and Persistence: The Tools to Help Students with Autism Succeed

I Am Not Alone (Or Gonzo and I Understand Each Other) - Alex gives a personal account of accepting and embracing having autism.

Building Survival Skills. – Tips and advice on how to help students on the spectrum succeed and work through anxiety, exams and socialising.

Bridging the Gap for Teens Moving Towards Adulthood

Thinking Positively About Autism


Training for Mental Health Professionals

9.30 What is autism? – Alex will give a short talk about autism.

9.45 Anxiety and  sensory issues as a child- Alex will talk about his early years and how anxiety affected him. How he was helped to cope with his anxiety. Alex will also talk about sensory issues as a child.

10.20 – Questions

11.00 Anxiety and sensory issues as an adult

11.50 Questions

1.00 Growing up with autism

1.40 Questions

2.00 The positives of autism – Alex shares how his unique way of seeing the world has its advantages.

2.50 Questions

3.00 Finish

Autism Awareness Training Day

10.00 Autism Awareness Training   Alex Lowery

10.50 Questions

11.00  Morning break

11.15 Raising a child with Autism    Sylvia Lowery

12.05  Questions

12.15  Lunch

12.45 Anxiety and Sensory Issues  Alex Lowery

13.30 Questions

13.40 Positives of Autism Alex Lowery



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Organisations Alex has worked with

  • Autism Cymru
  • Chester University
  • Glyndwr University
  • National Autistic Society
  • St John's Ambulance
  • Welsh Government

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